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What components are there?

The Student’s Book contains 14 units, each containing 7 sections. Each unit can be divided into nine 50 to 60 minute classes with both sections E and G providing two classes each. At the end of each class, students will see a practical result. Key vocabulary and target language is regularly recycled throughout the book and there are two tests to assess progress.

The Class Audio CDs provide 140 minutes’ listening material. Listening activities are as authentic as possible with listening task-types relating to military situations including walkie-talkies and radio transmissions, army briefings, telephone conversations and news programmes in addition to more general listening task types.

The Workbook with Audio CD Pack provides approximately 80 hours of consolidation material for self study. The units are extensions of the units in the Student’s Book, providing further exposure to the grammar points and key lexis. It also contains two progress tests.

The Teacher’s Book provides a full answer key, teaching notes and tapescripts. It features background briefings on aspects of military life and includes notes on teaching in a military context. It does not contain tests but there are plans for a CD of editable tests


What is STANAG 6001?

STANAG stands for Standardized Agreement. 6001 is the number relating to language proficiency levels. It is a scale created by NATO to measure language proficiency within the forces. It is not an examination.

To provide the NATO forces with a table describing language proficiency levels.

Participating nations have agreed to adopt the table of language proficiency levels for the purpose of:
a. meeting language requirements for international staff appointments
b. comparing national standards through a standardized table.

The proficiency skills are broken down into five levels coded 1 through to 5. In general terms, skills may be defined as follows:

Level 1: Elementary
Level 2: Fair (Limited working)
Level 3: Good (Minimum professional)
Level 4: Very Good (Full professional)
Level 5: Excellent (Native/bilingual)

Language proficiency is recorded with a profile of 4 digits indicating the specific skills in the following order:

Skill A (L) Listening
Skill B (S) Speaking
Skill C (R) Reading
Skill D (W) Writing

This number of 4 digits is preceded by the code letters SLP (PLS in French) which indicates that the profile shown is the Standardized (S) Language (L) Profile (P).
(Example: ‘SLP 3321’ means level 3 in listening, level 3 in speaking, level 2 in reading and level 1 in writing)


How many levels will there be, and when are they available?

Campaign 1 is aimed at False Beginners, taking them to exit-level SLP 2121, a level approximately equivalent to the Council of Europe’s A2+ Waystage.

Campaign 2 is designed to take students from SLP 2121 to exit-level SLP 3232, approximately equivalent to the Council of Europe’s B1+ Threshold.

Campaign 3 is designed to take students from SLP 3232 to exit-level SLP 3333, approximately equivalent to the Council of Europe’s B2+ Vantage.

All levels are available now! For more information on what components are available and how to buy click here!


Is Campaign suitable for intensive courses?

Campaign has been specifically designed to cater for typical English courses in military environments. Its modular approach is intended to suit both intensive and year-long courses.

Campaign Book 1 provides approximately 200 hours’ teaching material with 120 hours’ material in the Student’s Book and 80 hours’ material in the Workbook.

There are 14 units. Each unit is organised into 7 sections: each section of the Student’s Book provides approximately one hour of material; each unit of the Workbook provides a further 40 minutes consolidation material ideal for self-study.


Can a teacher with little or no military English experience use Campaign?

Campaign is very teacher-friendly with clear step-by-step instructions and traditional methodology.

The ESP content is accessible to teachers with little military knowledge.

The Student’s Book is supported by a Teacher’s Book with lots of additional information about the military and advice for teachers teaching military English.


Can military personnel with little or no teaching experience use Campaign?

The lessons in Campaign follow a logical structure and are clearly signposted; ideal for teachers with little or no teaching experience.

The Teacher’s Book offers a great deal of support with step-by-step instruction, recommendations, and suggestions for approaching each unit.


How Does Campaign deal with British and American English?

Campaign deals with International English; it is not specifically British English or American English but the differences between them are highlighted in ‘World English’ boxes which crop up throughout the book.


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