Campaign Dictionary of Military Terms

ISBN: 978 14050 67034

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The Campaign Dictionary of Military Terms provides coverage of all aspects of British, American and international military vocabulary. The dictionary has been fully updated to take account of new terminology.

  • Entries show phonetic transcription, grammatical categories and clear example sentences to show how terms are used in context
  • Comment boxes give useful background information
  • All key military terminology from Campaign Student’s Books 1 and 2 is defined in the dictionary.

Campaign Dictionary Vocabulary Workbook

ISBN: 978 14050 74179

This workbook is designed to help you learn and improve specialist military vocabulary. It contains more than 50 exercises which are ideal for both self-study and use in class. There are also exercises which test grammar and use of English, together with pronunciation and spelling.


The format is clear and easy to use and the book includes full instructions and an answer key. A range of vocabulary is covered, including:

  • Military orders
  • Commands
  • Location
  • Operations
  • Slang
  • Aircraft
  • Conversations
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons


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