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Reviews and testimonials from satisfied teachers and students who are using Campaign.

'Campaign is making a major impact on the British Council’s Peacekeeping English programme, which enables international peacekeepers to communicate more effectively with each other in troublespots across the globe. By helping them to keep the peace Campaign is helping to save lives and is a worthy ELTON winner.'
John Whitehead, Head of English Language Teaching at the British Council

'This is a genuine attempt to break new ground and Macmillan should be applauded for this. The package is well put together and has website support. I can see this having great potential as it has been piloted extensively... a really exciting product!
Judges comments, the British Council Innovations Awards 2005

'Hugely impressed by this entry, particularly the exemplary Teacher's Book, which is an excellent guide to the specifics of the military, and elements of professional behaviour (good teaching habits) which should be on all teacher training courses. Very well designed Student's Books that welcomes the learner in, and allows the learner space to learn.'
Judges comments, the British Council Innovations Awards 2005

' Very soundly researched, tested methodology, meets needs of ever increasing market.’
Comment from an ESU judge

‘An excellent example of ESP / functional language teaching at its best, and for a very important contribution to peacekeeping.’
Comment from an ESU judge

‘An unusual and very specific entry but a gem of its genre (ESP).’
Comment from an ESU judge

Campaign is an ideal course for all military personnel who need to learn English for international cooperation and will be a valuable resource for the British Council’s Peacekeeping English Project in Central and Eastern Europe. Its unique advantage is that it uses a communicative approach in a military context.’
Paul Woods, Peacekeeping English Project Manager for the British Council

‘On viewing Book 1, I would like to say how marvellous and much needed this military coursebook is and I look forward to seeing books 2 and 3.’
Catherine Furneaux, English Language Training Centre at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth

’As part of a properly planned language training programme for PSO personnel, Campaign will be an asset’
Eddie Richards, ELT consultant (extract taken from a review in the PEP newsletter, issue 15)

'I am more than pleased that I have finally found suitable material for teaching English in the course of defence studies. So far such materials have been rather scarce therefore I welcome any material I can get. The Campaign News Digest is the best for at least three reasons: the texts are short, up to date and professional, there is a student worksheet and teacher's notes and (most importantly) the material is photocopiable.'
Miriam Tavcar, Solvenia

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