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Campaign 1 Syllabus

This syllabus provides a unit-by-unit guide to all the topics and objectives covered by Campaign 1 .


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Unit Topics Objectives
1. Start Point alpha My Name's Hanif Grammar: am / is / are
Function: introductions and introducing others
bravo You're not Engish. He's not American. He's British. Grammar: am not / are not / is not
Vocab: countries and nationalities
Pron: the alphabet
World English
charlie Are you a police officer? Grammar: yes / no questions and short answers
Vocab: jobs
Pron: a / an
delta Off-duty: greetings and goodbyes Function: greetings and goodbyes
Vocab: parts of the day
World English
echo Personal identification Grammar: be, Wh- questions, possessive adjectives
Vocab: personal details
foxtrot Military vehicles Grammar: plural forms
Vocab: military vehicles and aircraft
Pron: numbers 0 - 20

Language tactics: Asking for help with language
Integrated skills: an interview

Unit Topics Objectives
2. Boot Camp alpha US Army Basic Combat Training

Grammar: present simple 1st and 2nd person statements and negatives
Vocab: basic training
Pron: the alphabet

bravo From civilian to soldier. Grammar: present simple 1st & 2nd person yes/no questions and short answers
Vocab: training activities, days of the week
charlie Weapons and equipment Grammar: plural formsVocab: vehicles and equipment
Function: numbers 20 – 100Pron: plural endings
delta Off-duty: a visit to the PX Grammar: countable & uncountable nouns, some and any
Vocabulary: personal items
Function: shopping
World English
Military shops
echo Time Grammar: simple present 3rd person singular, statements and negatives, yes/no questions and short answers
Function: the 24-hour clock
foxtrot A day in the life Grammar: simple present, Wh- questions
Vocab: daily routines

Language tactics: learning words together
Integrated skills: hours of operation

Unit Topics Objectives
3. To be a soldier alpha Great military leaders

Grammar: was / were (1)Vocab: general, admiral, Field Marshal
Pron: saying the year

bravo The Fighting Pattons Grammar: was / were (2)Vocab: division, corps, army
charlie A career in the military Grammar: past simpleVocab: career verbs, verbs and prepositions
Pron: -ed past tense (1)
delta Off-duty: the family Grammar: possessive ‘s’, past simple (2)
Vocab: family relations and celebrations
Pron: did you
echo You're in the army now Grammar: past simple (3)Vocab: military routines
foxtrot Military uniform Vocab: military uniform, colours
Pron: -ed past tense (2)

Language tactics: learning words together
Integrated skills: military history quiz

Unit Topics Objectives
4. Military organization alpha Army organization Vocab: army units, British Army ranks
Pron: military ranks
World English
bravo Armour, artillery and engineer formations Vocab: armour, artillery and engineer formations
Function: ordinal numbers
Pron: compound nouns
World English
charlie Modes of address Function: modes of address
delta Off-duty: A drink with friends Grammar: prepositions
Function: social conversation, civilian titles
Pron: correcting
echo Arms and services Grammar: infinitive complements
Vocab: branches of the British Army
Pron: syllables and word stress
foxtrot Large formations Vocab: large army formations
Pron: large numbers
World English
Large Companies

Language tactics: compound nouns
Integrated skills: organising a conference

Unit Topics Objectives
5. Sports and fitness alpha Sports Grammar: present continuous (1)
Vocab: sports collocations with play and do
World English
bravo What are you doing? Grammar: present continuous (2)
charlie PT kit Vocab: sports clothes and equipment, wear / carry, colours
delta Off-duty: free time with friends Grammar: frequency adverbsVocab: free-time activities
Function: likes and dislikes
echo Sports and fitness Grammar: expressions of frequency
Pron: reduced form of do
foxtrot The assult course Grammar: prepositions Vocab: verbs of movement, assault course

Language tactics: collocations (1)
Integrated skills: sports and fitness

Unit Topics Objectives
6. A visitor to the base alpha Tidworth camp Function: welcoming a visitor
Vocab: people & places on a military base
Pron: question intonations
World English
bravo A tour of the camp Grammar: this, that, these, those, here, there
Vocab: buildings and facilities on a military base
World English
Places on bases
charlie The Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment Grammar: present passive
Vocab: words and prepositions
delta Off-duty: The local area Grammar: prepositions of place
Vocab: places in town Function: giving directions
World English
Places in towns
echo 1st Battalion PWRR Vocab: the organization of a British infantry battalion
Function: describing the structure of military units
foxtrot Functions and responsibilities Vocab: appointments
Function: talking about responsibilities

Language tactics: learning vocabulary
Integrated skills: a day out

Unit Topics Objectives
7. Military technology alpha Military inventions Grammar: past simple passive
Vocab: military technology
Function: correcting (2)
bravo Aircraft, vehicles and navel ships Grammar: can / can’t
Vocab: aircraft, vehicles and naval ships
charlie Armoured vehicles Grammar: questions with How
Vocab: vehicle specifications, decimal points
World English
Inches, feet and miles
delta Gadgets Grammar: questions with canPron: can / can’t
echo Military technology then and now Grammar: could / and couldn’t
Vocab: planes, submarines
World English
foxtrot Submarine Function: defining and describingVocab: shapes and materials

Language tactics: collocations (2)
Integrated skills: describing and defining

Unit Topics Objectives
8. The NATO school, Oberammergau alpha The History of NATO Pron: nationalities
Vocab: military alliances
bravo The NATO School Grammar: all, most, some, a few
Vocab: instructors and students
charlie I'm doing a course in Germany Grammar: present continuous for future plans
delta Getting there Function: getting travel information
Vocab: travelling
echo Billeting Function: booking accommodation
Vocab: billeting / accommodation
World English
foxtrot Off duty: What are you doing this weekend? Function: deciding on a course of action

Language tactics: opposites and different forms of words
Integrated skills: Linderhof Castle

Unit Topics Objectives
9. Fit to fight alpha The check up Grammar: comparative adjectives
Vocab: fitness
bravo You should do more exercise Grammar: should / should not (shouldn’t )
Pron: final /t/
charlie An army marches on its stomach Grammar: more and less
Vocab: rations
delta Off duty: eating out Function: requests with can and could
Pron: could and would
echo Sick call Function: talking about health
Vocab: parts of the body, health problems
foxtrot First aid Grammar: must / must not (mustn’t)
Vocab: first aid kit, wounds and injuries

Language tactics: word maps (1)
Integrated skills: casualty evacuation (CASEVAC)

Unit Topics Objectives
10. War Games alpha Exercise Bright Star Vocab: military exercises
Grammar: the (1), a/an
Pron: sentence stress
bravo Terrain analysis Grammar: superlative adjectives
Vocab: terrain features (1)
charlie Maps and terrain Function: saying grid references
Vocab: terrain features
delta Off duty: R&R in Cario Grammar: the (2)
Function: describing places and asking for a description
echo Company commander's briefing (1) Function: describing location and distance
foxtrot Company commander's briefing (2) Grammar: will
Vocab: tactical tasks, coordination measures

Language tactics: word maps (2)
Integrated skills: crash landing

Unit Topics Objectives
11. Peacekeeping alpha United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Vocab: United Nations Peacekeeping Operations
bravo UNTAC Function: asking for and giving opinions
Pron: showing understanding
charlie We are United Nations peacekeepers Grammar: imperatives
Vocab: personal qualities
delta Off-duty: being polite Pron: excuse me
Vocab: describing people
echo Mines and de-mining Vocab: mines and de-mining
foxtrot Demining SOPs Grammar: sequencing
Vocab: demining procedures

Language tactics: abbreviations
Integrated skills: working with people from other countries

Unit Topics Objectives
12. Headquarters alpha Sector Function: talking about responsibilities
Pron: of
Vocab: staff functions
bravo Camp orders Grammar: allowed, permitted, prohibited
Vocab: parts of a rifle
charlie Please hold the line Function: telephone calls in a military office
Vocab: levels of alert
delta Orders Function: polite and direct orders
Vocab: orders and requests
echo Force protection Grammar: prepositions (4) & prepositions of place (2 )
Vocab: security measures
foxtrot Off-duty: an invitation Function: invitations
Pron: living quarters
Vocab: buildings, living quarters

Language tactics: managing phone conversations
Integrated skills: taking messages

Unit Topics Objectives
13. Convoy alpha Escort Grammar: when with past tense
Vocab: humanitarian aid, convoys and convoy vehicles
bravo The route Function: giving driving directions
Pron: sentence stress
Vocab: traffic signs
charlie Breakdown Grammar: instructions with if (zero conditional)
Vocab: vehicle emergencies
delta Off-duty: cars and driving Function: renting a car
Vocab: cars and driving
World English
echo Vehicle maintenance Grammar: have to
Vocab: tools, problems with vehicles
foxtrot Lima 3. Radio check. Over. Function: sending a radio message (1)
Pron: radio prowords (1)

Language tactics: managing radio conversations
Integrated skills: the convoy

Unit Topics Objectives
14. Patrol alpha The briefing Function: explaining a mission
Pron: to
Vocab: location, patrol tasks
bravo Rules of engagement Grammar: instructions with unless
Vocab: rules of engagement
charlie The observation post Function: describing a situation
Vocab: describing crowds, SALUTE
delta Off duty: describing people Grammar: order of adjectives (1): people
Function: asking for and giving descriptions of people
Pron: final y
echo Patrol kit Grammar: order of adjectives (2): objects
Vocab: uniform and equipment
foxtrot Hello C20. This is C21.
Message. Over.
Function: sending a radio message (2)
Pron: radio prowords (2)

Language tactics: clarifying
Integrated skills: patrol

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