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Campaign 2 Syllabus

This syllabus provides a unit-by-unit guide to all the topics and objectives covered by Campaign 2.


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Unit Topics Objectives
1. Start Point alpha P.Coy Function: talking about your career
Vocab: military bases, training, army ranks
Pronun: syllables and word stress
World English
Permanent military installations
bravo The Battle for Mount Longdon Grammar: past simple
Vocab: battles
charlie In the Falklands/Malvinas Function: talking about ability
Vocab: sports and sports facilities
delta Personal Equipment Function: sequencing instructions
Vocab: individual weapons, personal equipment
echo The platoon training programme Function: gathering facts and identifying problems

Unit Topics Objectives
2. The Battalion alpha Battalion organisation

Function: describing military units
Vocab: military units and jobs, responsibilities at work

World English
bravo Battalion HQ Grammar: Orders and requests
Modes of address
World English
charlie The football match Function: persuading
Vocab: Football
World English
delta Range day Grammar: must always/must never/must only, orders with will
Vocab: range safety
echo Exercise Mountain Trail Function: analysing a situation and determining tasks

Unit Topics Objectives
3. Military observer alpha UNMO

Grammar: present perfect
Vocab: armed conflict/ peacekeeping tasks

bravo Team briefing Function: describing location
Grammar: in, at, on
Vocab: INFOSUM reports
charlie An invitation Function: accepting and rejecting invitations
Grammar: would you
delta The observation post Function: sending a radio report, managing radio conversations
Pronun: saying figures on the radio
echo Vehicle patrol Function: communicating your situation

Unit Topics Objectives
4. March or die alpha Life in the Legion Grammar: prohibited, permitted and allowed
Vocab: rules and regulations, military routines
bravo Operation Leopard, Kolwezi 1978 Grammar: past continuous and past simple
Vocab: airborne operations
charlie Corsica Function: making recommendations, making suggestions
Vocab: leisure activities
delta Special forces Grammar: collective nouns
Vocab: special operations
echo Mission in Fantasia Function: developing courses of action

Unit Topics Objectives
5. The 3d
alpha Regimental history Grammar: during / while/ for
Vocab: vehicles and weapons
Pronun: ordinal numbers
World English
bravo New duty station Grammar: verbs and prepositions of movement.
Function: reporting procedures
Vocab: locations on a military base
World English
Ready to go
charlie Living off post Function: comparisons 1
Vocab: shops and businesses, housing
World English
Shops / housing
delta How tanks fight Function: comparisons 2
Vocab: armoured fighting vehicle parts
Grammar: formations
echo Ambushed in orange Function: Applying rules of engagement

Unit Topics Objectives
6. International
alpha Joint Headquarters Grammar: infinitives and gerunds
Vocab: staff organisation
bravo The visit Grammar: indirect objects
Function: asking for explanations
Vocab: official visits
charlie Greetings and introductions Function: introducing yourself and greeting people, opening and ending conversations
delta Telephoning Function: making telephone calls
Grammar: indirect questions
Pronun: saying telephone numbers and internet addresses
World English
of 0
echo The visit Function: determining tasks and finding solutions

Unit Topics Objectives
7. Carrier alpha City at sea Grammar: will
Functions: predictions about the future
Vocab: naval vessels
bravo Life onboard Vocab: naval commands
Pronun: expressions from naval usage
charlie Shore Leave Function: talking about problems
Vocab: shopping, electronic goods
delta Boats for beginning Function: describing and defining
Vocab: naval terms, directions on board ships
echo Task force alpha Function: predicting course of action and the results

Unit Topics Objectives
8. Fearless
alpha Exercise planning Function: confirming and clarifying instructions
Vocab: military exercises
bravo Joining instructions Grammar: instructions with be + to+ infinitive
Vocab: locations on a base
charlie Lunch in the mess Function: offering help, ordering food and drink
delta Press briefing Function: giving a military briefing
Vocab: military exercises
echo Information briefing Function: finding solutions and giving instructions

Unit Topics Objectives
9.Operation Orders alpha The battalion operation order Grammar: abbreviations and acronyms
Vocab: operational tasks and coordination measures
World English
bravo The company commander’s orders group Grammar: purpose clauses
Vocab: operational terms
charlie Soldiers’ stories Function: introducing and commenting on a story, organising stories
Pronun: showing surprise
delta The relief in place Function: describing location
Vocab: field routines
echo Platoon assault Function: deciding on alternative courses of action

Unit Topics Objectives
10. United
Nations Police
alpha Crimes and criminals Grammar: past perfect
Function: describing trends
Vocab: crimes
bravo Conflicting accounts Pronun: reported speech
charlie In line for promotion Function: reacting to news
Pronun: reacting
delta The incident report Function: linking ideas
echo Investigation Function: writing a report

Unit Topics Objectives
11. Combat
Search and Rescue
alpha 101st helicopter detachment Grammar: phrasal words
Vocab: helicopters, air operations
bravo CASEVAC Vocab: casualty evacuation
charlie Sick bay Function: describing symptoms
Vocab: illness and symptoms
delta First Aid Grammar: modal verbs- certainly, possibility, necessity
Vocab: injuries and first aid
echo Medic Function: prioritising

Unit Topics Objectives
12. Lessons
alpha Peace support operation Function: peace support operations
bravo Checkpoint Grammar: reported questions, request and demands
Vocab: vehicle checkpoints
charlie Talking about postings Function: talking about plans and intentions
delta After action review Function: reviewing actions
Vocab: engagements
echo Patrol in central market Functions: applying lessons learned
Pronun: alert status

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