Campaign 3 Syllabus

This syllabus provides a unit-by-unit guide to all the topics and objectives covered by Campaign 3.


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Unit Topics Objectives
1.New Orders alpha New orders Vocabulary: new duty assignments. Aircrew
Language Tactics: collocations (1) job tasks
bravo Newcomers Orientation Grammar: review of present tenses. dynamic and stative verbs
Vocab: inprocessing. medical facilities
charlie TDY to Incirlik Function: asking about a place
Vocab: free time activities
Language tactics: learning words in groups
delta Officers and non-coms Grammar sentence structure (1)
Vocab: military ranks. officers and NCO's. terms of service

Performance report

Unit Topics Objectives
2. Military Service alpha Recruitment

Grammar: past simple and continuous
Vocab: recruitment and enlistment

bravo A military career Grammar: preent perfect/ present perfect continuous
Vocab: military career. idioms
Language Tactics: phrasal verbs in speaking and writing
charlie Hurry up and wait Functional English: expressing strong likes and dislikes. talking about memorable experiences
Vocab: military life
delta Conscript or professional Grammar: contrast and concession
Vocab: conscription. personnel issues
echo Exercise Cold Winter

Unit Topics Objectives
3. Humanitarian assistance alpha Earthquake

Function: making telephone calls
Vocab: natural disasters
Language Tactics: idioms and metaphor

bravo The Ops Commander's briefing Grammar: future forms with will
aircraft characteristics
charlie The chow hall Function: making, accepting and declining invitations
Vocab: food and drink
Language Tactics: positive and negative answers
delta NGOs and the military Grammar: comment, example and generalisation
Vocab: non-governmental organisations. civil-military cooperation
Language: Tactics: negative prefixes

Disaster in Temblor

Unit Topics Objectives
4. Boots on the ground alpha Trouble at checkpoint bravo Grammar: real and unreal conditionals
Vocab: negotiations
Language Tactics: diplomatic language
bravo Lost in translation Grammar: reported speech
Vocab: working with interpreters
charlie A call home Function: expressing your feelings(1) fear and anxiety. expressing your feeling(1) reacting to news
delta The strategic corporal Grammar: reference
Vocab: Non-commissioned officer responsibilities. levels of war

Operation Rapid Aid

Unit Topics Objectives
5. Leaders and leadership alpha Leadership lessons learned Vocab: leadership qualities
Language Tactics: opposites
bravo Hannibal and the Battle of Cannae Grammar: past perfect & past simple
Vocab: tactical tasks (1)
charlie Memorable characters Functional : describing people. talking about people
delta What if? Grammar: imaginary past conditionals
Function: military history

Leadership dilemmas

Unit Topics Objectives
6. Exercise Gallant Eagle alpha The staff meeting Function: meetings (1) asking for information. meetings (2) confirming and clarifying information
Vocab: air force missions
Language Tactics: Facts and opinions
bravo Reporting back Grammar: giving instructions for others. reported questions and instructions
Vocab: in the loop, up to speed
charlie Networking Funtion: opening a conversation. finding things in common
Vocab: conversation topics
Language Tactics: keeping the conversation going
delta Emergency landing Function: discussing problems
Language Tactics: collocations (2) problems

Crash landing

Unit Topics Objectives
7. Media operations alpha Back to school Grammar: verb patterns with to infinitive / -ing
Language Tactics: collocations (3) training
bravo Correspondent Grammar: quantify / countable and uncountable nouns
Vocab: under fire
Language Tactics: vague language
charlie War stories Function: giving praise. war stories
Vocab: praise
delta The military and the media Grammar: that clauses
Vocab: military - media relations
echo What now, Lieutenant?

Unit Topics Objectives
8. Royal Engineers alpha On secondment Grammar: defining relative clauses
Vocab: installations on a military base
bravo 21 Engineer Regiment Function: describing military units
Vocab: engineer tasks. assigned and attached
Language Tactics:
collocations (4) engineer tasks
charlie Dining in Function: telling funny stories
Vocab: types of uniform. army traditions
delta Sapper Grammar: non-defining relative clauses
: describing and defining
Vocab: engineer vehicles and equipment. construction equipment

Bridge over the River Brown

Unit Topics Objectives
9. Desert Storm alpha The brigade operation order Vocab: operation orders. artillery missions
Language Tactics: acronyms and abbreviations
bravo Central Command Briefing Function: briefings (1) the question and answer session
Vocab: tactical tasks (2)
Language Tactics: collocations (5) tactical tasks
charlie Soldiers' comforts Function: talking about past habits
Vocab: off-duty activities
delta The Laws of Armed Conflict Grammar: subordinating conjunctions
Vocab: Laws of Armed Conflict

LOAC dilemmas

Unit Topics Objectives
10. Working group alpha Meeting in Belgrade Function: writing correspondence
Vocab: meetings (1)
bravo The meeting Grammar: questions with shall and should
Function meetings (3) remarks by the chairman. meetings (4)
: meetings (2)
charlie The reception Function: entertaining a guest. thanking people for their hospitatlity
Vocab: conversation topics
Language Tactics: appropriate conversation topics
delta A practical demonstration Grammar: time clauses
Vocab: computer software. pc problems
Language Tactics: spelling with the phonetic alphabet
echo Organising a conference

Unit Topics Objectives
11. Special Air Service alpha Who Dares Wins Grammar: reporting verbs in the passive
: special operations
Language Tactics: passive and active sentences
bravo Hostage Rescue Function: making assumptions and guessing. briefings (2) issuing orders
Vocabulary: buildings
charlie Selection Function: asking for advise and giving advise
Vocab: sports and fitness
Language Tactics: reductions in questions
delta Women in special forces Grammar: reason
Vocab: women in the military

Non - combatant evacuation

Unit Topics Objectives
12. Multinational Coalition alpha Command and control Vocab: alliances and coalitions. joint staff organisation. command states
Language Tactics : acronyms and abbreviations
bravo G2 (Plans) Grammar: conclusions
Function: describing the ORBAT of military forces
Vocab: military symbols
Language Tactics: compund words
charlie The coffee break Function: starting and ending a conversation. cultural differences
delta The next war Grammar: cause and effect
Vocab: military doctrine




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