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This is a unit-by-unit guide to websites that will help inform and extend the topics covered in the Level 1 Student's Book.

The websites are categorised as follows:
Military English: the language or theme is specific to the military
General English: the language or theme is not specific to the military
Information: the site is information on the topic only
Interactive: the site contains online activities for students
Non-interactive: the site contains activities that can be practiced offline

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Unit 14

Unit 1 Start point

Grammar: The verb ‘to be’
This is an excellent free website with all kinds of resources for teachers and students. As unit 1 introduces the verb ‘to be’ this is an interview where the student is given only the answers. Students have to reconstruct the interview. Most of the questions only use the verb ‘to be’.
General English - Grammar

Countries and nationalities
These three addresses are fun online quizzes on countries and nationalities.
General English - Interactive - Grammar activities

This is a listening activity from esl-lab using telephone numbers.
General English - Interactive - Listening

Unit 2 Boot camp

Grammar: Present simple yes/no questions and short answers
This on-line activity has fifteen questions to practice the use of short answers.
General English - Interactive - Grammar

A day in the life
This on line multiple choice listening activity gives practice of the time and typical daily routines.
General English - Interactive - Listening

Countable and uncountable
Click on nouns on this page. With the use of a dictionary, students can do this drag and drop exercise on the British Council learn English website.
General English - Information - Interactive

Basic Training
In the menu, click on any of the different corps e.g. combat, engineering, IT and click on basic training. Week by week you will see the different training activities. Vocabulary could be quite difficult at this level but you could grade your language to prepare a reading quiz. E.g. ‘In which week does a trainee soldier first fire a weapon?’
If you click on FAQ’s you’ll find lots of questions about army life that you could use to make a reading race quiz.
Military English - Information - Reading

Weapons and equipment: Weapons history quiz
With the aid of a dictionary, elementary students should be able to do this on-line weapons history quiz. If students get the answers wrong they have to go back either to the beginning or to the half way point. An excellent ‘drill reading’ activity!
Military English - Interactive

Unit 3 To be a soldier

Great military leaders
At this address you will find information on all sorts of famous people in history: (famous country leaders, military leaders, explorers etc.) Prepare a quiz for your students or ask them in pairs or teams to choose personalities and to write questions for another pair or team, who have to find the answers.
Military English - Information

The family
This British Council drag and drop gives more practice with the family members and the possessive ’s
General English - Interactive - Grammar

History quizzes various
If your students enjoy the military history quiz, they may like to try these quizzes. As in the weapons history quiz if they get the answers wrong they have to start again from question number 1 or the half way point.
Military English - Interactive

Grammar: Questions with is, are, was, were, do, did
General English/ Interactive - Grammar

Unit 4 Military organisation

Army organisation
This is the web page of the Royal Engineers. There is information about all of the different units, some more complete than others, e.g. history, deployments, tasks performed, regimental organisation etc. You could prepare a reading comprehension activity with some of the units you find most interesting.
Military English - Information - Reading

British Army ranks
From this address go to exercises in the menu, then click on exercises archive and go to ‘Army ranks’, ‘Navy ranks’ and ‘RAF ranks’ for three on-line exercises where students have to put the various ranks in the correct order.
Military English - Interactive

Months of the year - ordinal numbers
This on-line quiz allows students to practice both the months of the year and ordinal numbers (covered on page 36)
General English - Interactive

Unit 5 Sports and fitness

From this address students can click on ‘archive’ in the menu, then ‘word games’ to then click on ‘sports’ in order to practice sports vocabulary in this drag and drop exercise. When they have finished they can then try their hand at the multiple choice sports quiz.
General English - Interactive - Vocabulary

General English - Interactive - Grammar

Unit 6 A Visitor to the base

At these two sites you will find information and pictures on Bagram airbase in Afghanistan. Use the text on the facilities to prepare a reading comprehension, or just ask students to take a look at the pictures and describe what they think the different buildings might be used for.
Military English - Information - Reading

Royal Engineers
This is the website of the Royal Engineers 33 regt, i.e. the EOD team. There’s interesting information on where they are posted, deployed, regimental organisation etc. Use it to prepare a reading quiz for your students, or ask them, in groups, to prepare a quiz for another group.
Military English - Information

Royal Scots & US Navy Seals
This British Council on-line activity requires students to build a text on the Royal Scots and there is also a similar activity on the US Navy Seals. From the menu click on ‘exercises’, scroll down to ‘exercise archive’ and choose ‘Royal Scots’ or ‘US Navy Seals’.
Military English - Interactive

Unit 7 Military technology

Military hardware
This web page has lots of information on the specifications and use of military vehicles and helicopters, missile systems etc. Use for a scan reading race to complete a chart that asks for specifications for various vehicles of weapons systems, or use it for student project work.
Military English - Information - Reading

Equipment specifications
A fun, hands on website where you can read about the different specifications of equipment used in the British Army. Get inside the cockpit of an Apache helicopter or the drivers position of an Infantry Fighting Vehicle. As you move round, various parts of the equipment are highlighted for you to see the names.
Military English - Interactive - Vocabulary

Aircraft terminology
From the British Council Military English exercises archive, this activity is a gap fill exercise on military aircraft terminology. Click on ‘exercises’ in the menu then go to ‘exercises archive’ and then ‘aircraft terminology’. At the same site in the exercise archive, click on ‘RFA Fort George’ for a matching exercise on the specifications and figures of this cargo ship. Also to tie in with the Review and Language tactics on p 72 there is an excellent gap fill activity. In the ‘exercises archive’, click on 'APCs and IVFs'.
General English - Interactive - Grammar

Unit 8 The NATO school

The History of NATO
Ask students the questions about NATO and then ask students to visit this page to check if their answers were correct.
Military English - Information - Reading

The NATO school
This site gives lots of information on the NATO school lodge and community club. Click on ‘amenities’, ‘dining’ or ‘local area’ to prepare reading races, or ask students to click on ‘reservations’ to fill out the ‘student reservation form’.

Getting there
More listening practice related to taking the train.
General English - Interactive - Listening

This listening activity is another opportunity for students to practice listening to someone making a hotel booking.
General English - Interactive - Listening

Tell students to go to the ‘exercises archives’ and click on ‘Weather 1’ for a fun word search activity, ‘Weather 2’ for a sentence completion activity where they have to unscramble the words before deciding which word goes where, or ‘Weather and Climate’ for a text building activity.
General English - Interactive - Vocabulary

Unit 9 Fit to fight

You should do more exercise
Get students to test their fitness knowledge in the Green Giant Test your fitness IQ.
General English - Interactive - Reading

Grammar: Comparatives
Go to Grammar and scroll down to Comparisons. At the bottom of the page, students can press the test yourself! button for some practice of comparative adjectives.
General English - Interactive - Grammar

Off-duty: eating out
A listening activity – Heavenly Pies Restaurant!
General English - Interactive - Listening

First Aid
Go to ‘exercises archive’ and click on ‘Essential First Aid’ for a vocabulary activity.
General English - Interactive - Vocabulary

Unit 10 War Games

Exercise Bright Star
To tie in with this reading activity on page 94, try the ‘Peaceshield’ text reorder activity in the ‘exercises archive’ section of the British Council site. Peaceshield is a NATO exercise held every two years in the Ukraine.

Grammar: The definite article 'the'
From here students click on ‘Grammar’ and from the scroll down menu they choose ‘articles’. They can read a comprehensive explanation of the rules of use of articles and then they can go to the ‘Test yourself’ button where they can try their hand at the on-line quiz.
General English - Interactive - Grammar

Unit 11 Peacekeeping

United Nations peacekeeping operations
UN peacekeeping operations: questions and answers. For class discussion ask your students some of these questions. Write the answers on the board then ask students to visit this site to compare their answers.
Military English - Information - Reading
Facts and figures about the contributors - both military and civilian - to the peacekeeping forces.
Military English - Information
Click on UN Peacekeeping in the ‘exercises archive’ for a text building activity on the ‘Code of Conduct’ for a member of a UN peacekeeping force. Click on ‘Croatia and Peacekeeping’ for a word order exercise on peacekeeping in Croatia.
Military English - Interactive - Reading

Grammar: Imperatives
Go to Grammar > imperatives > test yourself for an exercise on imperatives
General English - Interactive - Grammar

Mines and demining
The vocabulary in this sentence matching exercise may be a little difficult, but your students may like to try, with the help of a dictionary. Go in to the exercises section on the menu, then click on the ‘exercises archive’ and then ‘Mines at Sea’.

‘Slovakia – demining in Africa’. Go straight to this exercise from the exercise menu. A drag and drop activity that looks at the work of engineers from the Slovak Armed Forces in the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Military English - Interactive - Vocabulary

Unit 12 Headquarters

Camp orders: Parts of a rifle
Go to the ‘exercises archive’ from the menu and click on the ‘Firearms’ activity – a fun wordsearch.
Military English - Interactive - Vocabulary

Please hold the line
From the esl-lab this listening give practice on dealing with telephone calls in an office.
General English - Interactive - Listening

Off-duty: an invitation
From the same site this slightly more difficult listening activity gives students practice at listening to a couple making invitations.
General English - Interactive - Listening

Furniture vocabulary
For more vocabulary practice ask students to try this furniture quiz.
General English - Interactive - Vocabulary

Unit 13 Convoy

Go to the exercises archive and click on ‘convoy operations’ for this drag and match activity connected with convoys.

Off-duty: cars and driving
This is the Driving Standards Agency website. Ask students to click on ‘theory tests’ in the menu and then click on ‘mock theory test’. From there they can try and do an on-line mock test, maybe in pairs and with the aid of a dictionary.
General English - Interactive

Grammar: Prepositions
Ask students to scroll down the page to the exercises on ‘prepositions’ in the ‘easy’ section. There’re loads to be found!
More preposition practice in the ‘test yourself’ section under ‘time and place’.
General English - Interactive - Grammar

Unit 14 Patrol

The briefing
This page on the British Council Military English website has some good ideas for the use of briefings in the classroom, with some useful addresses of where to find more briefing material.
Military English - non-interactive - Reading

Patrol Kit
This website is a retailer of new and used British military kit. Give students a shopping list and ask them to calculate how much the articles on your list would cost them, or give them a budget to go out and buy what they require and ask them to present their list of purchases to you.
Military English - Information

Off-duty: describing people
This is a fun game of hangman – 58 words used to describe people.
General English - Interactive - Vocabulary

At this address you can find a comprehensive list of radio prowords, the phonetic alphabet and numbers.
Military English - Information - Vocabulary & Pronunciation

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